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  • Double Adhesive strip
  • PVC with bubble wrap inside
  • Traveling bottle bag
  • Carries one 750 ml bottle
  • Instructions and care: 1. Insert a bottle into rumskin. 2. Lightly press rumskin around the bottle to remove any access air. 3. Peel off the inner adhesive tape cover and firmly press the bag together along the adhesive strip, press hard on the edges to close rumskin. 4. Peel off the outer adhesive strip, crease tightly at the dashed line and attach the adhesive seal to the front side of the bag upon the words “sticker here”. 5. Press firmly along all strips and edges. Do not carry more than one bottle in a rumskin at a time. Unless this is a reusable rumskin model, rumskin is for one time use only. Rumskins does not insulate. In case a bottle breaks within the rumskin, do not drink the spirit or wine. Please use rumskin for its intended purpose only. Enjoy!

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For all your travel needs, use our helpful KRC Rumskin to transport your spirit and wines. Meant to conceal your spirit bottles from any possible breakage or leakage. Help keep your bottles safer when traveling.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in


  1. Judith Rener

    If you are looking for a reliable way to ship your much loved Koloa Rum when visiting Kauai, this is the way to do it! We’ve used this method twice! Once with Postal service and last time in our suit case. Safe and sound arrivals! They are also reusable for mailing fragile items.

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