Rum Soaps


Rum Soap Bars

  • Handmade on Kaua’i
  • Glycerine Soap
  • Made with pure Hawaiian Cane Sugar
  • Made with an assortment of Kōloa Rums
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Cleanse and smooth your skin with our handmade Glycerine soaps featuring one of our Kōloa Rums. These soaps are highly fragrant with a tropical twist. Leaving an aroma of sweetness and your skin with a refreshing after effect. They make wonderful gifts!

Coffee Rum Soap

“Rum Coffee” glycerine soap w/Kōloa Coffee Rum and Kauai Espresso Coffee, Cane sugar, Organic Coconut oil and coffee fragrance.

Honu Rum Soap

“Rum Bar” glycerine soap w/Kōloa Gold Rum, Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut and Sesame oils, Essential oils of Clove, Tolu Balsam, Bay and Organic Rooibos buds.

Buttered Rum Soap

“Buttered Rum” glycerine soap w/Kōloa Spice Rum, organic Palm butter, freshly ground Nutmeg, tangerine and Clove Bud essential oils.

Honey Rum Soap

“Honey Rum” glycerine soap w/Kōloa Gold Rum and Kauai Honey, Organic Coconut oil, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils and Calendula blossoms.

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Buttered Rum, Honey Rum, Honu Rum, Coffee Rum




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