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Rumskin: Life Better with Rum Logo

  • Double adhesive protection
  • Bubble padding inside
  • One bottle in a Rumskin at a time use
  • Rumskin is for a one-time use
  • Instructions and Care: Insert a bottle into the Rumskin. Lightly press Rumskin around the bottle to remove any excess air. Peel off inner adhesive tape cover and firmly press the bag together along the adhesive strip, press hard on the edge to close the Rumskin. Peel off the outer adhesive strip, crease tightly at the dashed line and attach the adhesive seal to the front side of the bag upon the words “Stick Here.” Press firmly along all strips and edges.

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Worry no more “Rumskins” are the perfect solution to transporting your precious spirits, champagne, wine and other fragile glass bottles.  Easy to use and secure. It fits easily and safely in a check in luggage.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in

17.75 x 7 x .25inch. (Fits up to 750 ml size bottles)


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